Nashville Wedding Photographer


I’ve written this section over and over trying to figure out a way to describe myself. Its super cringe. To give you a little bit of an idea about myself.

-I’m currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Im originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan so I ain’t afraid of no cold.

-Big fan of netflix

-I’m a senior in college finishing up my degree in Marketing.

-I enjoy coffee (very original, I know), seeing new places, and meeting cool people.

Aaaaaand that’s about it!


From the beginning, I have been very intentional on putting an emphasis on relationships during my time as a photographer. I enjoy getting to know my couples on a personal level. I have found that it makes it easier for both parties and all-in-all more enjoyable!

 Got a question? Just ask.



Rants + Raves


From our initial meeting at a casual coffee shop, to the final moments when capturing our rainy wedding day, Dave has been an honest, patient, genuine, and truly amazing artist. Neither my husband nor I have ever been comfortable in front of the camera. We’re awkward people. However, Dave knew exactly how to spark natural conversation and scout beautiful locations instantaneously. We warned Dave before beginning our engagement session that we wouldn’t be an easy couple to shoot. Over the course of the next two hours, he proved us so wrong. The photographs were STUNNING. We felt at ease and comfortable during the entire session. Even a horrible muddy fall, Dave was a trooper with a camera and a mission. Although our wedding was a two-hour drive through rural Alabama, Dave didn’t blink an eye when we informed him of our destination location. He arrived early that morning, and made sure to capture the standard shots along with the candid moments throughout the day. Prior to the torrential storm that was our wedding day, Dave persevered through the weather and made sure we took plenty of photos utilizing the state park’s natural beauty. When the chaos finally ensued, Dave made the best of the stormy weather for some spontaneous, Pinterest-worthy couple shots underneath a battered umbrella on the marina. I, personally, could not be happier with our wedding photographs. They are expressive, they are unique to my husband and I, and they capture the very essence of my vintage, bohemian wedding. Dave walked with us every step of the way, and made sure we were comfortable with each set of photographs he instrumented. Also, he’s pretty funny. We could not be more grateful, and highly recommend his artistry.

-Mattie + Reece