Bailee, Matthew and I hopped in a car and drove from Nashville to Max Patch, just outside of Knoxville on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. I’ve wanted to shoot at Max Patch ever since I moved to Tennessee 3 years ago but have never had an opportunity to. At the end of our first meeting, Bailee asked “where is somewhere you haven’t shot yet in Tennessee that you’d love to?” Not thinking they’d be down for the drive, I told them Max Patch. 3 days later I got a text from Bailee saying they were down for it. I was pumped! The drive took about 8 hours both ways. Long, but honestly totally worth it. We talked about religion, adoption, our families, what we wanna do with our lives, you name it. By the end of it, it felt less like we were traveling to take photos and more like we had just done a fun day trip together.

Also, Max Patch was insane and these two absolutely killed it.

ps i slipped in a surprise. scroll down to see(;