Ok ok I know this is super late, but Ive finally gotten around to blogging a few of my favorite images from 2017! Below are just a few of my favorite moments from this year. This passed year was my first season shooting weddings, and what a year it was. Ill keep it short, but this year was a year of growth for me. Its weird. You never really think you're making progress until you actually look back and see your growth. Super cliche but true.


So I only set one major goal for this year. I had a bunch of other little business related goals, but I felt like this one was the most important in terms of personal and business growth. My goal for my business this year was to get to know really get to know my clients on a personal level. Why you may ask? Simple. It makes literally every part of this job super enjoyable for me AND you. Ill explain:

1. Its not awkward

 Every time I meet with clients for meetings, its not awkward!!!! This one is huge. Im just as awkward with people I don't know as I was when I was 14. So instead of treating my couples like clients, I try to view them as friends. Ive found it makes me more comfortable and ultimately my couples are more comfortable. When both sides are comfortable, conversations are not only efficient, but also a lot more meaningful.

2. The photos are easier

This kind of goes along with the previous point, but it makes photos 10000000x easier. Photos are awkward for most people. I get it. I hate being in front of the camera myself believe it or not. So, as you can imagine, getting in front of a camera and getting all cuddly with your sig fig and having someone you hardly know watch you is not the easiest. I've learned that people are truly themselves when they're with people they know and trust. Some of the best photos I've taken this year are of couples I really got to know on a personal level. The result is vulnerability in front of the camera which ultimately produce photos filled with emotion. 

3. I genuinely enjoy the big day!

The last reason is more for me than the couple, but I want to genuinely ENJOY my couples weddings! This year, I cried at 9 of my couples weddings. Thats brutal to admit that as a twenty year old man, I'm not gonna lie. A wedding is one of the happiest of days for a lot of people and I want my clients to have someone who is just as excited to see them tie the knot as they are! 

Theres honestly a bajillion other reasons why I strive to get to know my couples on a personal level, but I felt like these were the big ones! With that being said, Ill just end with this. Id love to meet you. Weddings are already stressful enough as it is, so I want the photo part of your wedding to be as easy as possible. So if you're down for that, shoot me a message on my contact form here and we can get started!